Visit Arkansas’ great parks

The best parks in Arkansas

There is no better way to have a fun, affordable outing than to visit a local park. Why not get out and enjoy our beautiful summer weather this weekend! Here are our picks for the top three parks in Arkansas.

Lake Degray

This park has a little bit of everything you could want from a state park: a beautiful lake, nature trails, woods, and a great facility. You can do everything from hiking to water skiing at Lake Degray park!

Crater of Diamonds

This may look like a big empty field, but it is actually the world’s eighth largest diamond reserve. Over 75,000 diamonds have been found here, and the public is welcome to search for diamonds to their heart’s content – and you can keep any that you find!

Devil’s Den        

The southeast has some amazing cave systems, and Devil’s Den may be the best set of caves in Arkansas. It also has a beautiful lake, hiking trails through the forest, and lots of small pools to explore and swim in.

Image courtesy Flickr/Michael Young